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What is Our Goal?

You've developed products, grown your company's revenue, and spent years developing expertise in your business. Now, you want to use machine learning to make your company more profitable. We can't help you recoup the hours you worked, the skilled analysts you've hired, or the software products you've purchased. What we can do is give you a clear picture of how to use deep machine learning effectively in your business, starting today.

  • Learn from the best deep learning in production instructor, Sam Putnam
  • Have a dedicated 1-on-1 question and answer session with Sam Putnam
  • Make more money by understanding new machine learning avenues for your business
  • Save money by using deep learning to detect unusual events, or to augment work done by analysts

July 26 & July 27

Block from Madison Square Park

Bring Invaluable Knowledge Back
To Your Company

The Most Efficient Way
to Understand Deep Learning

Event Schedule


July 26

The Executing Deep Learning Strategies Masterclass (less technical)

Full Schedule

July 27

The Deploying Enterprise Deep Learning Masterclass (more technical)

Full Schedule

Event FAQs

This Masterclass event from Deep Learning Conf™ is in Manhattan at Rise NY, 43 W.23rd Street, NY, NY.

If requested 14 days before the event, a full refund is granted.

You can purchase a ticket through Eventbrite, here. Eventbrite will reserve your spot for up to 8:00 minutes.

I would recommend the Day 1 Master Class, Executing Deep Learning Strategies. It is designed to give you an introduction to deep learning that focuses on its use cases and highlights ways that it is currently bringing businesses value.

In the Day 2 Master Class, Deploying Deep Learning, you will learn how to integrate deep learning into your existing pipeline. There are good known deep learning architectures used by a number of companies now that go beyond choosing a framework. I think you will learn something new and hopefully I can help solve some of your problems during the session.

Event Location

Rise NY
43 W.23rd Street
Email: nyc@thinkrise.com